Rosie King Tarku - Japirnka - 120 x 90 cm - 126/16


Rosie King Tarku - Japirnka - 120 x 90 cm - 126/16


Artiste : Rosie King Tarku

Titre de l'œuvre : Japirnka

Format : 120 x 90 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art de Mangkaja

Référence de cette peinture Aborigène d'Australie : 126/16

Explications sur cette œuvre :

Rosie King Tarku born in 1934 at a Jumu called Pyinjarra in the Great Sandy Desert. When she left the desert, they walked for a long time with her husband and older sister. It was a very long way to arrive at Old Bililluna. I did not know english at that time. We had no shoes, we were wearing yakapiri (old people long ago in the desert they used to make sandals to protect feet from the hot ground).
This painting evokes my country call Jairnka where I grow up there with my families mother and father. The snake lives under neath. The waterhole gives us water every year every month.

Collection :
National Museum of Australia
Fitzroy Crossing Hospital
Private collections

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