Angelina Tjaruwa Woods - Paupiya Dreaming Time story (Seven Sisters) - 75x60 cm


Angelina Tjaruwa Woods - Paupiya Dreaming Time story (Seven Sisters) - 75x60 cm


Artiste : Angelina Tjaruwa Woods

Titre de l'œuvre : Paupiya Dreaming Time story (Seven Sisters)

Format : 75x60 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art aborigène du Spinifex Art Project

Référence de cette peinture : 17-124


Explications pour cette œuvre :

Tjaruwa has depicted the significant sites of Paupiya and Itulnya, sites that holds the Minyma Tjuta Tjukurpa (Seven Sisters Creation Songline). This is a far reaching epic that follows a group of young women as they traverse a huge swathe of Spinifex Country, evading a lustful older man (Nyiru) who has 'metamorphic powers.

There are two water sources at Paupiya where the women pass on their way north to Ilkurlka. Tjaruwa has walked these sites and knows the associated Tjukurpa intimately, recreating the essence of the story into her artwork with ease.

Tjauruwa was born outside the Spinifex Determination Area at Warutjara, the place of Minyma Tjilkamata - the Echidna Woman, near the current community of Jamieson (Manta Maru) within the Ngaanyatjarra Lands.

Except for possession of a few pieces of iron, fashioned into implements and tin bowls Tjaruwa lived traditionally until the winter of 1986 when her family group of seven was located in northern Spinifex by a group of Spinifex people making a sortie into country to re-visit important Men’s sites after some 25 years of absence.

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