Fred Grant - Puutulu - 230 x 200 cm - 19-6

Fred Grant - Puutulu - 230 x 200 cm - 19-6
Fred Grant - Puutulu - 230 x 200 cm - 19-6

Fred Grant - Puutulu - 230 x 200 cm - 19-6


Artiste : Fred Grant

Titre de l'œuvre : Puutulu

Format : 230 x 200 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art aborigène du Spinifex Art Project

Référence de cette peinture : 19-6

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Explications pour cette œuvre :

Fred has depicted the significant site of Puutulu situated in the heart of traditional Spinifex Country. This site holds the Minyma Kaanka Tjukurpa (Crow Women Creation Line) and Fred tells of the creation events that unfolded here. Minyma Kaanka had a son who was married to a young girl. One day when Minyma Kaanka was out flying and her son went off hunting, the young girl’s mother, Minyma Mamu turned herself into a tree stump and waited for the son to return from hunting. Upon seeing the boy, she killed him and threw him in the fire. When Minyma Kaanka returned, she looked for her son before being offered some meat from the fire by Minyma Mamu. When she began chewing on the meat she had a strange sensation, thinking something is wrong and the meat smells funny. She left and went home and realised it was her son who Minyma Mamu had killed and cooked. Minyma Kaanka was so angry she grabbed a sharp spear and placed it in the ground pointing up. She then made the strongest most ferocious wind that picked up Minyma Mamu and her daughter and threw them down on the spear, impaling them.

His artworks are in the following prestigious collections :

Harriett & Richard England Collection
National Gallery Of Australia, Canberra, Act (Mens Collaborative)
Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Usa. (Mens Collaborative)
The Corrigan Collection, Australia (Mens Collaborative)
The Lepley Collection, Perth, Western Australia.
W. & V. Mcgeoch Collection, Melbourne, Vic.
Queensland Art Gallery Of Modern Art, Brisbane, Qld.
The Art Gallery Of New South Wales, Sydney, Nsw
Art Gallery Of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia (Mens Collaborative)

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