Roy Underwood - Wipuwara Dreaming Time story - 136x91 cm (sold)

Aboriginal art - Roy Underwood - Spinifex Art project
Aboriginal art - Roy Underwood - Spinifex Art project

Roy Underwood - Wipuwara Dreaming Time story - 136x91 cm (sold)


Artiste : Roy Underwood

Titre de l'œuvre : Wipuwara Dreaming Time story

Format : 136x91 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art aborigène du Spinifex Art Project

Référence de cette peinture : 13144


Explications pour cette œuvre :

This painting represents a place called Wipuwara. This is where the Black Nosed Monitor Man and the Sand Goanna Man from creation time lived. They were cleaning their boomarang and feeling very hungry.

They decided to go out hunting and quick spotted a large Snake Man off in the distance. They threw the boomarang but failed to kill him. The Snake Man then bit both the other men and killed them. This is where they died.

Roy has painted the story of the Minyma Pitjitjarli (Scorpion Story) at Mulpulya and Kanpa. In the painting Roy has shown the tracks and holes of this minyma in her area. This story like many other Spinifex stories is sacred and only general detail is appropriate to discuss here. Myrtle Pennington was born in this area and Roy can paint this area through his family ties.

Roy has been a major driving force in returning the Spinifex people to their country and representing and negotiating the unbroken connection to country which was the key element in the Federal Court decision to grant the Spinifex people exclusive Native Title over 55,000 sq. km.

in 2000. Roy continues to be a venerated Elder and is routinely elected to Spinifex Land Council and Tjuntjuntjara Community Council.
Roy has a unique painting style somewhat reminiscent of Kiwirkurra mens’ designs from Pintupi country hundreds of kilometres to the northwest.

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