Kathy Ramsey - Bow River bridge - 120 x 90


Kathy Ramsey - Bow River bridge - 120 x 90


Titre de l'œuvre : Juwurlinji, Bow River Community

Artiste : Kathy Ramsey

Format : 120 x 90 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art aborigène de Warmun

Référence de cette peinture d'art indigène d’Australie : 424/16

© Photo : Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery with the courtesy of the artist and Warmun Arts.

Explanations related to this Aboriginal painting :

This Bow River Bridge. This place is my grandfathers, grandfather country.
Paddy Umbulmin, back in the early days my big brother Joe Thomas was attacked by a young wounded Crocodile by the foot he bit him they used to go camping down there on station break (holiday) from Bow River.

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