Patrick Mung Mung - Ngarrgooroon country - 120 x 120


Patrick Mung Mung - Ngarrgooroon country - 120 x 120


Titre de l'œuvre : Ngarrgooroon country

Artiste : Patrick Mung Mung

Format : 120 x 120 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art aborigène de Warmun

Référence de cette peinture d'art indigène d’Australie : 585/13

© Photo : Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery with the courtesy of the artist and Warmun Arts.

Explanations related to this Aboriginal painting :

"This is Ngarrgooroon Country going down towards Purnululu (Bungle Bungles). We used to walk this way early days, gotta tea,
sugar, milk. Holiday from Station work on Texas Downs. We bin walk all that Country. No motorcar then. But we bin strong then.
We lived on our own bush food out la Country, you know, that's why we could climb any mountain then."

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