Ngamaru Bidu - Waru fire & regeneration - 122 x 91 cm


Ngamaru Bidu - Waru fire & regeneration - 122 x 91 cm


Artiste : Ngamaru Bidu (1950)

Titre de l'œuvre : Waru fire & regeneration

Format : 122 x 91 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art aborigène de Martumili

Référence de cette peinture : 14-873

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Explications pour cette œuvre :

This is my country after yunma (burning). The waru waru (trees) become dry and charred like skeletons and the land changes colour. The sky lights up with colour as the sun sets and the ground is dark and charred. After burning when the rain comes, green starts to grow again.

There is plenty bush tomatoes, bush onions and other bush tucker. This area is part of the artist's country where their family lived traditionally during the pujiman (bush) days. The Martu lived very nomadically moving from water source to water source hunting and gathering bush tucker as they went. They would traverse very large distances visiting some areas in the dry and some in the wet season depending on the availability of water.

As they travelled and hunted they would also burn areas of country creating a larger diversity of plant and animal life.

She now lives at Parnngurr and is part of the Martu Women’s Ranger program involving waru (fire) work, yintakaja (waterhole) mapping, and kalyuku ninti (return to country) trips taking school children out on to country.

© Photo : Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery with the courtesy of the artists and Martumili

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