Katrina Tjitayi - Kaliny-kaliny / Honey Grevillea - 122 x 100 cm


Katrina Tjitayi - Kaliny-kaliny / Honey Grevillea - 122 x 100 cm


Artiste : Katrina Tjitayi

Titre de l'œuvre : Kaliny-kaliny / Honey Grevillea

Format : 122 x 100 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art d'Ernabella

Référence de cette peinture d'art Aborigène : 57-17


Explanations of this Aboriginal painting :

This is a depiction of the artists' country, in older days, before buffle grass was planted. 'Our country use to have all good flowers, when we walked in the bush looking for tucker, our feet would be covered in yellow and green, purple, lots of colours you know. When we go out now we look for those good flowers, we think back and it makes us sad. Even the birds are still looking for those good flowers, and the ants are looking for those good flowers.'

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