Betty Kuntiwa Pumani - Antara Tjukurpa - 300x120cm (sold)


Betty Kuntiwa Pumani - Antara Tjukurpa - 300x120cm (sold)


Artiste : Betty Kuntiwa Pumani

Titre de l'œuvre : Antara Tjukurpa - Dreaming Time story

Format : 300 x 120 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art aborigène de Mimili Maku Arts

Betty Kauntiwa Pumani . Titre : Antara Tjukurpa - Dreaming Time story. Format : 300 x 120 cm. Cette œuvre gagnante du grand prix de l'art Aborigène en 2016 au Musée National de Darwin, sera exposée au sein de la galerie. © Aboriginal Signature • Estrangin gallery, avec l’autorisation de l’artiste et du Mimili Maku Art Center



Explications pour cette peinture Aborigène :

Betty Kuntiwa Pumani paints Antara, an extremely important site for Betty and her family. Antara is Betty’s mother’s country.
This place, and its significant Maku (witchetty grub) Tjukurpa were a constant in the paintings of the late Milatjari Pumani.
Today Betty and her older sister Ngupulya Pumani are proud custodians of this country; they map its significance and hold its stories strong in their paintings of Antara.

Using a reduced palette, Betty Kuntiwa Pumani has developed a visual language that describes the beauty, power and persistence of the land and the intense physicality of the Anangu connection to country. Betty’s signature reds evoke the rocky desert country surrounding Mimili, while simultaneously suggesting blood or viscera and an unmistakable energy. The contrasting areas of white and its subtle tonal shifts are a quiet and pattent counterpoint to the pulsating reds.

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