Minyma Pampa, Kungka wara Collaborative Painting - 240x200 cm (sold)


Minyma Pampa, Kungka wara Collaborative Painting - 240x200 cm (sold)


Artistes : Wawiriya Burton, Iluwanti Ken, Mary Pan, Naomi Kantjuriny and Yaritiji Young.

Titre de l'œuvre : Minyma Pampa, Kungka wara Collaborative Painting - Women's travelling story

Format : 240 x 200 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art de Tjala

Référence de la peinture : 281-17

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Explication sur la signification de cette peinture d'art Aborigène : 

This masterpiece if the twin of another artwork which reach a record, sold at a caritative auction to finance the dialysis new installation at Ernabella in October 2017.
The senior women worked alongside emerging artists and young women - Narelda Ken, Christy Young, Maureen Douglas and Tanya Brady. These women are all family, mothers, grandmothers and aunties for the young women.
In Anangu culture the senior women are always teaching the young women through stories and being out on country, hunting and collecting food and water.

Through these paintings the senior women can continue this tradition of teaching the young women. Through this incredible collaborative painting - the women not only teach the cultural stories that travel across their land but also teach the young
women strong painting skills that will help them to become strong artists.

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