Rammey Ramsey - WARLAWOON COUNTRY - 80 x 60 (sold)


Rammey Ramsey - WARLAWOON COUNTRY - 80 x 60 (sold)


Titre de l'œuvre : JWARLAWOON COUNTRY

Artiste : Rammey Ramsey

Format : 80 x 60 cm

Provenance et certificat : centre d'art aborigène de Warmun

Référence de cette peinture d'art indigène d’Australie : 22/14

© Photo : Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery with the courtesy of the artist and Warmun Arts.

Explanations related to this Aboriginal painting :

Rammey Ramsey is a senior Gija man of Joongoora skin, whose ancestral Country lies to the west of Bedford Downs near Elgee Cliffs. Ramsey says:
“This is my place called Warlawoon. They named me Warlawoon for my Country here. There is a Dreamtime waterhole there, a place where many fish live.

This is my mother and father’s Country. I own that Country from my mother and father. Lots of people used to live here with my parents.”
Ramsey now lives in Bow River. His work is forever infused with the memory of Warlawoon Country together with a longing for
Country his work teases out the complexities of Gija world-views and the impact of pastoral occupation on his land.

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