Napurrawuy #2 Wunuŋmurra - Buyku - 106 x 33 cm - 5383-17 (sold)


Napurrawuy #2 Wunuŋmurra - Buyku - 106 x 33 cm - 5383-17 (sold)


Artiste : Napurrawuy #2 Wunuŋmurra

Titre de l'œuvre : Buyku

Pigments naturels sur écorce

Format : 106 x 33 cm

Provenance et certificat original : centre d'art aborigène de Yirrkala

Référence de la peinture : 5383-17

© Photo : Aboriginal signature with the courtesy of the artist & Buku-Larrngay Mulka.

Explication de l’œuvre :

This bark painting by Napurrawuy #2 Wunuŋmurra (1977), depicts the miny’tji (sacred clan design) of the Dhalwaŋu clan which is one of the eight or so clans belonging to

the Yirritja moiety (half) in North East Arnhem land. The sacred diamond design for the Dhalwaŋu clan reflects the patterning of the water streaming from the body of Ancestral Creator Being Barama as he emerged from these waters at Gäṉgaṉ, with weed hanging from his arms.

The sacred diamond design generally refers to the waters around Gangan but the triangles also show the structure of the fishtrap made during Mirrawarr (early Dry Season) with Rangan (paperbark) and wooden stakes. This is the Buyku or fishtrap area which is ‘company’ land (ie. shared by all the people who live by/sing the river). The Dhalwaŋu and allied groups who participate in this song cycle and fishing activity are hunting Baypinŋa (Saratoga) as does the Gany’tjurr (Reef Heron) which they identify with as the archetypal Yirritja hunter.


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